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Dhanammal Memorial Welfare Trust Celebrates Success in Basic Tailoring Course

In a significant achievement, Dhanammal Memorial Welfare Trust proudly announces the successful completion of its Basic Tailoring Course by a cohort of dedicated individuals. The participants, who displayed unwavering commitment and enthusiasm throughout the program, were officially ordained with certifications in a ceremony held in December 2023.

Empowering through Skill Development: Dhanammal Memorial Welfare Trust, known for its commitment to community empowerment, conducted the Basic Tailoring Course as part of its ongoing efforts to equip individuals with practical skills for self-reliance and entrepreneurship. The course aimed to impart comprehensive knowledge of tailoring techniques, garment construction, and sewing proficiency.

Dedication and Achievement: The participants, hailing from diverse backgrounds, dedicated themselves to mastering the art of tailoring under the guidance of experienced instructors. Their diligence and hard work were evident in the garments they created during the course, showcasing not only technical proficiency but also creativity.

Ordination Ceremony: The culmination of the Basic Tailoring Course was marked by a ceremony held in December 2023 at the trust’s facility. The event was attended by participants, their families, trust representatives, and well-wishers. Each participant was presented